Sunday, July 25, 2010

Better than single shots, I guess.

All the clutter has been cleaned out and the apartment looks pretty decent. How long it will last this way? ...Probably not past Monday morning. Heh heh.

I had plans to do a large photosynth of the place so you could take a virtual tour. After 173 individual photos were taken, I loaded them on to photosynth were I only achieved about a 60% synth. I have it another try and still, the great interactive picture turned out to be a depressing dud. Here it is, almost 2200 and I started out at 1700.

Screw it. I took a series of shots from two positions: one at the main entrance and the other at my bedroom entrance.

Time to take these pics and have them synth at 100%: <20 minutes. *facepalm*


Kristel said...

Looks good! If you ever decide to paint, I'll help!

David said...

Sorry. No plans to paint.