Tuesday, January 05, 2010

A Waste of Space -- Airspace, I Mean.

Although I believe that I am using this audio ad and pictures legally under Fair Use, Michigan does not protect me from SLAPP lawsuits but I wanted you to hear the radio ad that I first heard a couple days ago which absolutely infuriated me. Check out this article for more.


Stacey said...

who cares??? i dont mean who cares about your opinion.. i mean who cares if this Kirk guy is a homosexual or that he "surrounds himself with homosexuals." shouldnt this other politician be making radio ads about things like health care, the environment, etc?

David said...

In a more perfect world, no one would care if Kirk was gay or that he associates with gays (at least the latter part we can confidently confirm). Kirk is the front runner in this race to be the Republican candidate and probably has the best chance because his moderate stance on some issues along with connections with Chicago politicians and groups. Martin is trying to erode Kirks support from the Republican base because, let's face it, the Republican base has a lot of "values oriented"/homophobic people.

Do you know who gets credit for the rumor that Barak Obama was a muslim? Yup, the same guy.

Stacey said...

nice... well actually- not very nice at all.