Tuesday, December 08, 2009

I Got It. Umm… Anyone else?

Do you have Google Wave? If you can imagine a mashup between email, online forums, blogs, and God knows what else, that’s Google Wave. The simplest way that I can describe it is a piece of paper sitting on a table and around it sit people who can write on it, glean info off of it and more. Google’s new product has some great potential. I like it but I’m not using it.

Like Gmail that came before it, Wave was a limited release. Wannabe users had to score an invite, either from Google itself or from a user who already has it. The difference with Gmail, though, is that use of Wave is limited to people who have Wave. With Gmail, you got the product and could correspond with people who didn’t. Not so with Wave.

Yup. That’s what I see when I log into wave. Not a whole lot. Very few of my friends have gmail accounts to begin with and even though I put out a message on facebook saying I have invites, not one person wanted to sign up. That leaves me with no one to wave with. That list in the picture is deceptive. Wave will scan through every contact you’ve ever emailed and let you know that they have wave too. Doesn’t matter if you still talk to them or not. The first one, I have waved with so he’s the exception. #2 down on the list is a coworker that I only talk to every once in a blue moon on facebook. #’s 3,4, and 5 are old and former bloggers that I haven’t heard from in ages. And the last one is actually the person I begged off my Gmail invite from.

I like wave but if none of my friends jump in with me, it’s really no use to me. I have to wonder where Google will be going with this.

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