Thursday, December 03, 2009

Cute Little Kid In a Big House

Earlier this year, I saw that there was a popular ringtone download. It was Filipino so I clicked on it and it sounded like a cute kid song. I liked it enough to download it for my phone but I had no idea what the song was about since I don't understand the language that well. I did manage to find where the sound clip came from and it was from this commercial:

Cute huh? After getting over the cute though, I couldn't help wonder how the average Filipino would view this commercial. I'm sorry but I have never ever set foot inside a home or a neighborhood that was even remotely like this in the Philippines. In my mind, this is a fantasy land that is only real for the uber-rich. So I have to wonder, is there a burgeoning upper-middle class going on in the country and that his commercial is making an appeal to them. If so, awesome, but I just didn't see it when I was there.

h/t to krystabegnalie who posted this vid.

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