Sunday, November 01, 2009

I’m more like you than you’d like to admit.

Before leaving for Justin and Carrie’s Halloween party, my aunt stopped by with my two cousins. They were going to go trick-or-treating in town. She claims that it is “safer” and “nicer” than the town she lives in. It’s from 5pm to 6pm. Methinks she only does it because it’s daylight out and she only has to walk around for an hour. Next year I may have to break it to my cousins that the next town over has it from six to eight. Potentially, they could get over three times the candy if they hit both places! *evil grin*

I chose not to walk with them as my costume was sort of complicated. Plus, I had been on my feet all day doing some warehouse work and earning some overtime pay. All that standing around aggravated my leg and I didn’t feel like trekking around the place if I didn’t have to. So while they were gone I put on my costume and painted on my beard. I still had some time left before I needed to head out to Justin’s so we ended up talking politics.

Now if you’ve read me in the pass, you know that my aunt is crazy conservative. She saw one our Newsweek magazines on the table and let out a statement of disgust. The current issue has a cover--something about the liberal’s survival guide or something like that. I think it has to do something about the hard left base for Pres. Obama. So we got to talking about Obama’s spat with Fox News. She thought that what he was doing was awful and was an infringement of the freedom of the press. I pretty much defended the President saying that if he didn’t want to go on Fox News, he didn’t have to. That doesn’t infringe on the freedom of the press as Fox News is free to report on anything they want. Maybe they won’t get the sit down interviews that the other networks get but that’s their problem. I told her that they only thing that I had a problem with was his trying to kick Fox out of the White House Press Pool. Luckily the other members, ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN refused to go along with the administration.

She asked me if I was a liberal. Before I even answered by dad said that I was. Now I consider myself to be in the conservative camp but my conservatism comes more from a strict constitutional interpretations and conservative fiscal views than it does from the Christian Right. I was willing to mix it up a bit so I challenged them: throw some issues at me and we’ll see where we are. And they did. I was asked how I felt about health care, cash for clunkers, term limits, and more. And while I seem to be answering to their satisfaction I was just waiting for, “How do you feel about gay marriage,” because I knew it was all going to hell if I gave them answer that I would have given them.

After the grilling was done my aunt said that I was conservative for her. I smiled a bit only because I know that I really am not.


Anonymous Female said...

Nothing like a political grilling from family members to make you feel loved.

Stacey said...

i have a question for you.. where do you stand on the public option part of the healthcare debate? and please tell me why. i do not really know a lot about what the proposal involves- just my own utopian views.

David said...

I see the public option as being the backdoor to gov't run health care. Take the company I work for as an example. They currently provide pretty good coverage with the private plan that they provide. If they have an option to ditch the private plan and to shift everyone to the gov't plan I can guarantee you that they would. Even if it costs them more to do it, they would because they would no longer have to be responsible for the paperwork and other hassles that goes along with private insurers.

Stacey said...

yah.. it seems that most companies would probably get rid of their health care.. but what is so wrong with government run healthcare... isnt that what all of the rest of the developed nations have? and when certain aspects of our healthcare like certain mortality rates and other markers are compared to theirs, those other countries do much better than us.. so what is really so bad about government run healthcare? is the bad thing simply that the government is running it?