Tuesday, October 13, 2009

An Instance Where I Want to Be a Big Loser

62 lbs. That's how much I have to loose to be considered "normal" for my height. Yeah right. I have, though, joined my company's weight loss competition. The winner will get $300-something dollars. Since entering, a few of us have been doing some lighthearted trash talking. Whatever happens, I must beat Jamie from bldg. 6. The competition runs up 'till Thanksgiving and there are weekly weigh-ins and prizes. I'll have to remember to keep y'all posted. Wish me luck!

I went cold-turkey with the pop. Holy crap, am I actually shaking?!


Kapitano said...

Give us a photo of Slim David at Thanksgiving.

So we can say things like, "OMG is that really you? You look fabulous" and "Have you got a boyfriend?".

David said...

Hmmpf. You should be saying those things now! :-P