Thursday, October 01, 2009


Before moving "downstairs" I had three nearby cubiclemates that I conversed with frequently. I would say that we were pretty tight and the conversations that we had were a hoot. I'm now gone but am still close by and I still see them every day but one of them, Charly, is leaving. Her family is moving to Utah and she's going with them. I'm so sad to see her go. She and her family are good people. They're Mormon so they have to be, right? :-P

One recurring topic that always came up was how much we were hungry for Hacienda food. If it wasn't that, it was Olive Garden. And we talked a good talk about going there but we never followed through. It didn't help that all of us were time shifted. The first one in came in a 0700, then me at 0900, then 1030, and then 1400. Tonight, though we managed to pull it off and off to Hacienda we went. Food, drink, and conversation were all good.

I know that she will do great in Utah but I think that it is too bad that we won't have any more time to impress some of our evil ways on her like drinking alcohol and using four-letter swear words or educating her one what some phrases really mean.

Oh and bonus: I got to have some fried ice cream with honey. Oh yeah. How do you like that, Kris?!


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David said...

The idea of frying ice cream seems odd to me but it is pretty good. Honey and vanilla on a crispy shell-- yum.

Stacey said...

i want some friend ice cream now!