Tuesday, September 01, 2009

What Week?

Sorry for not updating for a week. It’s that time of the month again and I was up to my neck in paperwork. Still am, actually, but I’m determined to post something. Uh… except there really isn’t anything I want to spend a lot of time and fuss over. So more shorties!

Earlier last week, I started going back to the Y. I’m just walking around the track for right now. I can do any exercises that put extra strain on my leg. Right now, I just want to shake the last of this limp off. When I’m in shoes, I’m pretty much back to normal. When I’m bare foot, it’s still pretty noticeable and walking down stairs is painful and awkward.

My reading group decided to take up a book that I recommended. Yay! That means I won’t have to spend money on a crappy book that I’ll end up not liking. Nope. That will be next month when I'll have to read about gay vampires. [groans]

The weather turned crappy. We shouldn’t be seeing these temps in such a long stretch for another month or so. I’m all for low to mid-70’s weather but couple that with the rain… ugh.

My friends Kraig and Stacey held a luau party at their house. If it had been warm, I probably would have put on my Hawaiian getup. I’m close enough to being Polynesian that I can pull it off. I did put on my yellow Hawaiian shirt which was dismissed by Kraig. Just because it lacks an ugly flower print and wasn't made in Taiwan, doesn’t mean it’s not a real Hawaiian shirt! I had a pretty good time and I managed to talk to some people. And for me, that’s quite an accomplishment. Stacey, without regard to how cold it was, decided to use the slip ‘n slide. She has improved over last year where she would run up to the slide, stop, and then throw herself onto it. Now she just hesitates. I have video…

Crap. I can’t remember what I did this weekend.

Senator Kennedy died. Is everyone wearing funky glasses? If one is not painting a halo on his portrait, he’s pissing on his grave. I feel like I’m the only person that is this middle area: where you can see the positive and negative aspects of a person and leave it at that.

Stacey and I are going to a local event on Thursday. Restaurants from around the area are going to get together at one place and set up booths. A ticket purchase will give you a chance to sample different food offerings from various establishments. I’m looking forward to that.

Capital One raised my APR. I called them up and asked them to lower it but they refused. I haven’t used that card since my trip to San Diego last year and I’ve been trying to pay it down (it has had a balance since my college days). I’m gonna have to see about transferring as much as I can to my credit card issued by my old college credit union. Its credit limit is smaller than my Capital One card but the APR is 50% less.

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Laurie said...

Capital one did the same thing to us. We went from a 4.9% interest to a 19.9% interest. The card had no balance and our credit scores are in the excellent range. When I called them they stated that because we just bought a house that we became more of a risk. I don't understand that but I just told them to cancel the card and have a nice day. Got to love plastic money.