Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I wouldn’t have said anything.

This post is going to be about Rep. Wilson. I’m way late on it but after making response on my sister’s facebook page, I might as well do it here.

For those who’ve been living under a rock, President Obama called a special joint session of Congress which is a relatively rare event outside of the State of the Union. Pres. Obama wanted to inject some more energy into his health care agenda as he and his party has taken a beating from the public who fear a takeover of their health care by covert means, e.g. the “public option.”

During the speech he made a point that his plan* would not cover illegal aliens. At that point, Rep. Wilson, in an outburst, accused the President of lying. He was met by jeers on both sides of the isle. It was reported that the representative “bolted” from the chamber after the speech but that he did call the White House to personally apologize to Obama. He got as far as the Chief of Staff but his apology was accepted. The democrats called for Rep. Wilson to also apologize on the House floor but he rejected that saying his one apology to the president was sufficient. Yesterday, the House, largely along party lines, voted to pass a “resolution of disapproval” for breaching decorum.

Who was telling the truth? Well it depends on how you look at. The only thing the public has available is H.R. 3200. Technically speaking the plan doesn’t cover illegals but it doesn’t have any verification and enforcement. Mr. Wilson’s outburst caused a little fact checking and now the White House has had to do a little backtracking, admitting that there needs to be better safeguards.

My personal view is that Rep. Wilson should have apologized to the House. It was a breach of decorum while in session and in his role as a state representative. However, if I was one of the Democrats, I would not support a resolution against him. While Wilson’s outburst has been a benefit to his opponent back in his district, a resolution wouldn’t help the democrats in general. Consider this: the opponents of the “plan” are energized, mobilized, and vocal to the point that some dems are quaking behind closed doors. Where are the supporters? We’ve got the far-left who hate the idea of compromising anything to the right. And then there’s the centrist dems who either hate the plan because of legitimate ideological reasons and/or because they’re afraid of their constituents voting them out next year. A rebuke of Wilson isn’t going to bring the fractured dems together but it is feeding the fire for republicans and their supporters.

*There actually is no “plan.” There’s a rough collections of things he’d like but he’s leaving it up to the House and Senate to craft actual bills. So far, the only “plan” is one bill that is not believed to be acceptable to the Senate.


Stacey said...

if the plan doesnt cover illegal aliens, are the hospitals going to deny them care, because that cant happen- do no harm and all... and will the hospital hire someone to check green cards? i barely have time to save someone's life as it is...
i am pretty sure that illegal aliens do not have insurance anyway, is that right? i mean how would they get it.. so taxpayers will still be footing the bill for their healthcare.. since they have no insurance, they get no preventative care and come to the hospital sicker than they should have been... thus making me pay more for them than I should have had to..
im just rambling... our health care is such a mess! Do you know that getting 2 Tylenol in the hospital costs like $3, maybe more? but then again that might be where my paycheck comes from...

David said...

I should think that the withholding of critical care would still be illegal. So yes, you are right taxpayers will still be stuck with the bill.