Friday, June 26, 2009


Sorry Farrah but it looks like you were upstaged.

The King of Pop has died which probably makes King David Gov. Sanford happy as it takes away some of the light shining on him.

My best friend at the time, Brandon, was a huge fan of Michael Jackson. I liked songs that came through on the radio but I never tried to find out the names of those songs or who sang them. Music was something to be enjoyed, not researched and followed. I think, though, that MTV helped me put names and faces to what I was listening on the radio. The Human League’s Human, That Bangles’ Walk Like and Egyptian, and especially George Michael’s Father Figure come to mind. Michael Jackson never stood out for me but Brandon did help me gain an appreciation for him. Still, I thought that it was very odd that someone would care that much about a singer.

My impression of Jackson during the 90’s went sour. His music was awful in general although I did like a few of his songs. Black or White will still pop up in my head every now and then. The bizarre behavior, changing his appearance, and finally the charges of molesting young caused me to turn my back on him. Still, I try to separate the art from the artist and I still appreciate some of what he produced.

Jackson’s death didn’t surprise me at all. Considering the body modifications that he has done to his body, for whatever reasons, it didn’t seem at all odd to me that there would be complications. Most people would probably point to his nose that appeared ready to fall off, but there had to have been other issues as well. And it wasn’t just that, but I could see him having psychological problems too and that the use of drugs, legal and illegal, were probably involved.

Am I sad about his death? Not particularly. I am, however, interested in how his kids are going to be taken care of.

South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford came back from Argentina not too long ago. His disappearance caused quite a stir as for a few days. No one knew where he was--not his family, his staff, or his security detail. Turns out he was visiting his mistress.

Gov. Sanford came to my attention during the fallout over the Stimulus Bill when he said that he would not accept the money. He was later overruled by the SC legislature. Although I admired him for putting his money where his mouth is when it comes to what is supposed to be a core Republican value: fiscal restraint, that was a huge mistake on his part. Rejecting that much money would only rile up South Carolinians and become a talking point for his opponents on both sides of the aisle.

When I first heard of this latest story, he was still missing and Republican pundits were trying to play it down. They were going with the “he’s done this before,” “he’s just needs to take a break” sound bites. I’m sorry, but I consider the executive offices of President and Governor to be 24/7 jobs. Vacations are one thing, but disappearing can potentially cause a constitutional crisis. Who is the acting Governor? It would seem that the Lt. Gov would step up in an absence, but when does that occur? Who make the call that the elected Gov. is no longer in control? So I found his actions to be grossly irresponsible.

Then it was revealed that he was going to Argentina to meet up with his mistress! Dear God, we got another one of those family based politicians frakking up the sanctity of marriage. As if the Republicans need another hypocrite. I say he should be removed. The way I see it, having affairs makes a politician susceptible to blackmail. That, in my mind, corrupts the office. I made the same determination for Sanford as I did for Clinton, Craig, McGreevey, Spitzer, Foley, Vitter, and Ensign. I’m not saying that these people are forever disqualified from holding public office again in the future, but they do need to be held accountable for breaching the integrity of the office that they hold.

Personally, I find him detestable. It may not seem like it but I’m not going to spew out the he’s a big hypocrite because he’s a Republican and extols Christian based values. I know that I’ve made mistakes and that there are plenty of good people out there who have probably done worse things than he has. But based on his actions, I’m not buying what he’s selling. I don’t believe him when he makes his apologies to his wife, family, staff, and constituents. His wife knew about this affair a long ways back and he had the audacity to ask her if he could meet with his mistress again. When his wife said no, he did it anyways! And then to leave his children to go all the way to Argentina to meet his mistress on Father’s Day just smacks them upside the head. Finally, to treat this as if it is not damaging to public trust in the government just proves that he’s a douche bag.

He has indicated that he’s not resigning. I think the part that made me want to puke was where he drew a parallel with King David. Apparently because King David was a successful politician while committing adultery and murder, Gov. Sanford could be too? Yuck.

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