Wednesday, May 06, 2009

That’s too much work.

I had a plan to make a video/pic post for the Sunday drive. My camera battery died halfway through so it would be an effort to find other pictures. I’m too lazy at the moment to do that. Maybe some other time. It was a great drive though.

I’m still in the process of settling in to my new work area. I still prefer my previous location but seeing some old-coworkers is at least one positive that I can focus on.

The bitchy nurse called me again about my medication. Screw that. I betcha that the medication doesn’t do jack for me.

My sister came down to get a new phone. She got the LG enV2 which I thought was funny since she is going from avoiding texting to embracing it. While she was here, she took me to the Grand Empire. I don’t think I have ever had black pepper chicken that tasted that great before. (I’m drooling again.)

I got approached online for a hookup. Denied. I’m not having sex with a stranger. Eeew.

No luck with the current job search. I wonder if I could join the Peace Corps… I lived out of the country for five months in 2003 and when I came back I almost cried and kissed the ground. I don’t know what would happen if I lived in another poor country for years.

I don’t know how I’m going to deal with these medical bills.


Stacey said...

its the mean patients that make us bitches (not you, im sure it was some crazy old lady that keeps eating all of the jello)

David said...

Get this. She calls my house during the and expects that I'm there. As if I didn't have a job that I go to, right? So I gave her my cell number and told her that I can call back when I'm on break. She's called me multiple times when i'm working. When I call her back, she makes me feel like I'm the hardest person in the world to get a hold of.