Monday, January 19, 2009

This is why I couldn’t play the game.

Chris Wallace had incoming White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs on his show, Fox News Sunday. Wallace asked, “Who do you work for? The President or the people?”

Mr. Gibbs responded, “I work for both the president, the people and the working press of the United States of America.” It’s a nice safe answer because it covers the fact that he works for the president but it makes it appear more noble that he’s going to work for the people.

I have no such idealism. Let’s imagine that I was in his position. I would have said, “I work for the President. He works for the people.” Although my intentions would be to serve the public, in the end I am not the one who is accountable to the people. The President is. I serve at his pleasure and my job is to help advance his agenda. If I have a problem with that, then I can resign.

But let’s consider an idealism that I do hold to. While the President is the one I serve, he is secondary as I have already taken an oath. And while I no longer hold the office to which I took that oath, my allegiance remains. My oath is to defend and preserve the Constitution of the United States.

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