Saturday, December 13, 2008

Not Anti-Social. Just... Not.

It’s 2230 and I am at home already from my company’s Christmas party. I don’t know what my problem is but I am not feeling at all sociable this evening. I was sitting at an okay table. There were three other co-workers with me and their dates but I had difficulty trying to engage in conversation. Just so you know, I am that horribly quiet person that doesn’t say much until I get to know you. And being stuck between two new people I didn’t know...we’ll that doesn’t help. Neither does it help when my entire table leaves for smoke breaks and I’m left there all alone with my freaking salad or desert. Speaking of which…if they weren’t going to eat their cheesecakes, they should have had the waitress box it up and I would have taken them home. That was some damn good cheesecake!

My boss that got fired was there. I spotted him there with his wife and daughter who still work with us. Awkward? Like R. said, that guy’s got some balls. I don’t think I would go back to a place that fired me.

Dinner consisted of some beef in slop or chicken in slop. Just before I got to it, they took away the chicken to change it out. They didn’t, however, change it immediately. Instead of waiting and holding up the line, I continued on. No chicken for me.

I think that I was the only person in that entire place that had wine. Everyone else was using their drink tickets on mixed drinks or beer. Hell, if I was going to eat a fancy dinner, I wasn’t going to do it with a mix drink or a 7-up. I had myself a Merlot.

I made my rounds while they opened up the room for dancing but I didn’t feel the need to step into any conversations that were in progress but I did make a point to track down some of my favorite coworkers that I no longer work with. I even got to have a brief chat with my predecessor and invited her back any time that she wanted. I think that being a housewife is too awesome for her to give up.

Under a different set of circumstances, I probably would have had more fun but after two and a half hours, I was more than ready to go home.


Julia C said...

>>Dinner consisted of some beef in slop or chicken in slop.

Yum!! I love me some beef in slop or chicken in slop.

David said...

I'd rather have a plateful of tasty slop than have a fancy, artful, looking plate of food that could be stuffed into a thimble. --Really, though, the beef was pretty good.

Thanks for commenting Julia!