Sunday, December 21, 2008

Lay Around Sunday

For the first time in my memory, our church cancelled services due to this nasty weather hanging around.

Luckily I got most of my Christmas shopping done yesterday. For those wonder, yes, the crowds were horrible—at the mall. Everywhere else was great. Hardly any wait at all at places like Target and Toys ‘R Us. (Toy ‘R Us didn’t even have a wait.) I got my cousins’ presents but I still have to go back for one more. There’s a cousin that I keep forgetting about every year. I feel really bad about that.

After a long while, I did get to hang out with Sara and her son, Ethan. He’s grown into an adorable little boy. That is until he starts whining. Thankfully, though, he was good for the most part. I suppose I’d have to be a parent to understand how they can be so tolerant to kids’ behavior. Behavior that would make me slink away in embarrassment.

Today has been extremely boring. I suppose I could go on a cleaning spree but I am so lazy right now. I have opted instead to read, watch TV, surf the web, and take multiple naps. I really like the napping part. It’s good that I do get some extra sleep because I know that I will have to get up extra early to dig out my car and driveway. At least I won’t have to chisel it out like last time.

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