Thursday, December 25, 2008

I’ve got a few minutes left…

…Merry Christmas!

Christmas went rather well this year I thought. Not too stressful or anything. Just nice.

I have firmly decided that Christmas Eve is my favorite part. Also, I think it is the part of the holiday that I think is closest to what I consider the holiday to be about. At that point, I am going to church and enjoying my time with family. Come the 25th, I am completely over that and I begin to focus on myself and what I am getting. Thankfully, that selfishness only lasts a few hours after all the presents are opened. ;o)

My sister gave me a great book. It’s the book that the play Wicked is based off of—also called “Wicked.” If you haven’t seen the musical—make sure you do. It’s great. Trust me.

My parents gave me fifty bucks. Yay. Gas money.

Oh there, was an Optimus Prime 1st Generation toy that was at Wal-Mart. Similar to the one I wanted back in the 80’s. It was a reissue celebrating the 25th anniversary. It came with the trailer, a comic book, and a DVD movie. I wanted it so bad but I couldn’t in good conscious spend the $70 on myself when I should have been spending it on my little cousins. One of these days…

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john said...

I have read that book Wicked. It's good. I still haven't seen the play, but I have listened to the music.
Merry Christmas!