Saturday, November 15, 2008

Taking a Break from Tech to View Life

On Friday we went to the world famous San Diego Zoo. Stacey and Kraig, being the social animals that they are, managed to score free tickets to the place! So let that be a lesson: the next time you are lined up for something, try talking to your neighbor. Stacey thought that going on the Friday would mean beating the weekend crowds. The tradeoff would be the school kids:
Just kidding. Actually, they weren’t even noticeable once we got in the canyons of the park.

One of the first things that we saw was a sea lion show. I had hoped that when I went to the beach, I’d see some there but Stacey told me that there weren’t any there but I’ll settle for a show. Really, what sea lion in the wild is going to perform tricks for me?

This zoo is one of the few places outside China that you can see a live panda. The murals of them were almost as fun to look at.

The most interesting exhibits I would have to say were the simians. The apes were in a mood to interact (as much is possible behind glass) with the visitors. At the orangutan exhibit, Stacey spied an old one that needed some serious grooming. I spotted a middle aged creature that needed a new wardrobe.*
At the end of a full day at the zoo, Kraig and Stacey had a charachtures done. They were going with a giraffe theme which I though meant that they were going to be drawn as giraffes. But they turned out to be sort of Tarzan and Jane couple taken out of the jungle and plopped down in the savannah. I wonder what kind of animal I’d be pegged as… a tortoise maybe?


*To understand, read this post.


Stacey said...

I'm still looking for a picture of Mortise... he does exist, and I will find him

Stacey said...

oh yah.. and that picture of the cartoon panda still cracks me up