Thursday, October 23, 2008

Time for Dress Up!

Justin and Carrie's party is just over a week away and I had held off buying a costume until yesterday. The theme for this year's party is "Celebrities on the Red Carpet." The closest thing to a celebrity that I thought I could dress up as was fat Elvis. If dressed up as Elvis, people are going to ask me to do an imitation and that I can't do.

I like history so I was agonizing over the costumes at Fun F/X. If I had the body, I would have shelled out almost $70 for a Spartan costume. There was also some higher quality costumes for just under $100 that I seriously considered wasting my money on: Napoleon and Robin Hood.

With the election coming up shortly, I also had an opportunity to buy some politician masks. Of course, there were masks for Senators McCain and Obama but there were also ones for Hillary Clinton, George W. Bush, and almost every liberal's most feared bogeyman--Ronald Reagan. $20 bucks for a mask and wear that with a suit I already own, and I would be getting out quite cheap this Halloween.

I've made a decision and you guys can check it out in a couple of weeks.


Kristel said...

Napoleon would've been sweet.

David said...

I think that I may be too tall to pull off Napoleon. :0)