Sunday, October 26, 2008

Rehabilitation on Reformation Sunday

<<--See also: "Communion"

I haven’t been going to church much lately. I have been avoiding church ever since my dad said that he was embarrassed that I would stay behind when the congregation would go up for communion. Along with my parents, my grandmother and aunt also fear for my salvation. While I was at the family farm yesterday, Grandma asked me if I would come to the special service (Reformation Sunday) which was held this evening. I couldn’t say no to her and I have to admit, I have been missing church.

It was a combined service that brought in neighboring congregations. In all my time being there, I’ve only seen combined services with our sister congregations in Cass and Buchanan. This time, however, we pulled in members from all over the county. Ironically, the service reminded me of a Catholic mass considering the stepped up pomp and ceremony.

Luckily, I didn’t receive any inquiries as to why I haven’t been attending church. I think that my presence was enough… for now.

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