Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Who wants to go swimming in my basement?

Shortly after my last post, around 3:30, I went down to the basement to see if any water was coming up through the cracks. I could see a bit coming up and so I shopvac’d it up. It only took a few seconds to do and judging at the rate it was seeping up, I thought I’d come back in an hour and do another round. One hour later, the entire floor was covered in water. An hour after that, all rooms in the basement were covered in water. At six, there was enough water to cover my toes and deep enough to cause a frog to go swimming by me. Yes, you read that right. It happened.

The cracks weren’t the problem this time. Water was coming up from the well and it was coming in faster than we could suck it out. Luckily my grandma has a pump so she came around and pumped out the water all night long. Water is no longer coming in and the water is pretty much all gone. Not too much got ruined. Some old clothes, toys, and other crap but I wouldn’t cry over them. My mom is going a little crazy. It’s just junk down there and most of it can be tossed into a dumpster for all I care.

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