Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It was a stupid plan anyways.

I've been skimming through the foreign press trying to get the international pulse on how "America's" financial problem is going down. Wow, they are majorly leaning on my reflex nerve. My favorite is the pinning of blame on the republicans for the bill's failure in the House of Representatives. The reality is that the democrats had the votes to pass this all along but when the voting process started and they found out that the republicans weren't on board they chickened out because this bailout (and let's call it what it is) is unpopular with the public. If they passed this bill over the Republicans--who was gonna get the blame? They did not bother to whip their party in line because if this went south, they were going to as well. The fact that 2/3 of republicans and 1/3 of democrats voted no does not, in my mind, show clear partisan jerkoffity--just that it was a stupid plan anyways.

BTW, hope you bought today.


Kapitano said...

All true, and all acknowledged in the press I've read. I suppose there's a load of people out there who find it easy to automatically blame "The Republicans".

Over in the UK we're having our own bailouts. Six months ago our government was dedicated to privatising everything in sight (even talking about privitising the police!). Now, we've had two major banks go under, both bailed out and nationalised without hesitation.

BTW...Jerkoficity? Jerkoffishness? Jerkofficality? Jerkofficiousness?

David said...

^Yeah, I's ain't good with vocabulary.