Friday, September 12, 2008

Hope you filled up.

I filled up my car today at Walmart at $3.95/gal. Since Ike was aiming for Houston and the area's refineries, the stations were jacking up the price. Even with oil prices going down to nearly $100/barrel, it doesn't help much when it can't be processed. My sister called saying that gas was $5.00/gal in Comstock. Gov. Granholm appealed to residents not to panic at the pumps. Reports from Florida said that gas was near $6.00/gal in some places. As far as I know, our area hasn't seen a run on the pumps.

I'm not going anywhere this week except to travel between home and work. Hopefully, I can ride this price surge out with my tank of gas until the end of the week.


Sooo-this-is-me said...

I got caught, I was near my gas station Thursday and since I had a little over half a tank I did not fill up, the next morning it jumped 13 per liter and another three cents by night. I am just staying in until when they say "oh we made a mistake, we did not have to raise the price that high... oops". Buggers!

Season said...

Some places here it was $1hhmif4+ but the gas station near my house only got up to $3.78 I think the higher amounts were on the west coast of FL

Luke said...

Gas has remained at $3.61/gal here in Rochester, NY.

David said...

^Luke, that's criminal!

It's holding now at around $4.14.