Sunday, August 10, 2008

So Michigan has to steal from kids now?

A letter was sent out from the Department of Human Services in July informing parents that the state is going to start charging a $25 fee on child support. This fee applies to parents who receive more than $500 a year in support payments and are not on nor have been on state aid. To be somewhat fair to Michigan the main fault lies with the federal government. This fee, charged by the state, is to comply with the Federal Deficit Reduction Act of 2005. Because Congress was so busy spending your money on things it can’t afford, it now has to find a way of making up the difference by taking away from children.

It doesn’t matter that this fee is going to affect people who most likely can afford it or that the amount is low in comparison to the average amount of payments a person receives annually. It just flies in the face of common decency. If our federal and state governments are in need of cash, they should just suck it up, be transparent and raise our taxes, cuts spending, or both. Give us a clear reason why we should vote you out of office or keep you in.

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