Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Just when I got my cubicle the way I wanted it!

The company that I work for recently bought an additional building (where it is, I don’t know just yet) to accommodate expanding business. The higher volume clients are being transferred there. I thought, “Good riddance, S0/\/y.” Turns out I am going with them.

Now I can take this two ways. I can be pissy about having to move just when I got to liking where I was at and the privileges that came with being a manger-minus-people to manage or I can see this as a shakeup that will bring something new. I choose the later.

I learned about this around three this afternoon when one of my five bosses came up to me and said that I will need to get ready to move sometime in the next couple of days and that basically I will be doing the same things I am currently doing—just removed from my normal stomping grounds. The way I see it, I will still handle all now-eight buildings when it comes to monthly counts but only handle the last building’s daily inventory shtuff.

When we all went on break (I usually take my breaks with the warehouse group instead of the admins), I overheard people speculating on who was going to go. Apparently, there were rumors breaking loose earlier that management knows how many people they are going to send over to staff the new building but the names haven’t been released yet. I was surprised to hear that a number of them hoped it would be them.

Other than myself, I only know of one other person that is going there. I said my goodbyes to the accounting team—I think it’s safe to say that the plans for me going back to the department part-time have been kiboshed. But talking with Boss #4 (or perhaps former boss would now be appropriate), she said that they were sending their best over there. A little ego boost never harmed anyone…

I don’t know when I will go (hopefully before Monday) but I am looking forward to having windows for a change. –Yes, I heard this place has windows! Maybe I’ll even get a kick ass cubicle or better yet, an office.

Yeah it doesn't take much to make me happy. :0)


Stacey said...

you have 5 bosses? it makes me think of the movie Office Space...except that one guy wasnt happy when he had to move his desk

Laurie said...

Congrats on the move. I hope you get an office with windows. I have 2 in my classroom and would go nuts without them.

David said...

@Stacey: Would you believe that one of the first things to go into my tote was my Swingline?

@Laurie: Where have you been lately? You only have two? What prison school are you teaching at?