Thursday, June 05, 2008

First my bank and now my cell phone company!

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Verizon Wireless is going to buy Alltel. Since I signed up with Alltel, there has been a couple close calls but Verizon seemed unable to commit. Now it looks like a done deal and will put Verizon as the largest wireless provider in the country.

The merger makes plenty of sense. National provider Verizon would take on Alltel’s regional network. Verizon strength lies mainly in denser populated area and would be complimented by Alltel’s coverage which has been focused on rural to small city areas. Merging the two networks would be a fairly easy task as both providers use the same technology—CDMA.

Personally, I’m a little worried. I am extremely satisfied with Alltel. Although I would be happy to have full access to the Verizon network, there may be a catch. My current plan is a little steep for my liking. I pay about $51 a month.

$39.99 (Voice @ 500 minutes) + $5.99 (Text @ 300 messages) + Assorted taxes and fees = $51

The comparable plan with Verizon is:

$39.99 (Voice @ 450 minutes) + $10.00 (Text @ 500 messages) + Assorted taxes and fees = about $57.

I’d have to give up a number nine every month, but still I hate paying more. I would hope that with the merger, my contract would still remain in effect. I wouldn’t know because I’ve never had a merger thrown at me before but I can always hope for the best.

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Luke said...

See if your company has a deal to give you a discount on your wireless bill. It saves me $10 a month.

David said...

^Could be worth a shot.