Monday, June 16, 2008

Go get a crate. I'm too big to be boxed.

On the sidebar is a link to Pinoyexchange. Long before I started blogging, I participated in this messaging board. For a while it was like an addiction. I was talking about issues that I cared about with people who seemed to feel the same way. But flame wars always popped up and while I love to sling some mud sometimes, it gets pretty tiring and so I left. I’d come back every now and then and do a blitz.

After almost a year, since I really posted, I went back and participated in threads. I am not at the point where I want to leave but my God, some of these posters are insufferable.

I think I should wear it as a badge of honor but my history there has been comprised of having crap flung at me from both the lefties and the righties. You try to engage in an issue and all the sudden you’re a homosexual communist or an imperialist, bigoted, right-winger. And it’s kind of funny when the person who pretty much is on the same side can’t even see it. Just because I defend Senator Obama from insinuations, I’m being categorized as some sort of leftist that is out to destroy America.

Just between you and me… I kinda like it when people assume things wrongly about me.

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