Sunday, June 08, 2008

Avoiding Excel

I really should be working on some reports that I have to do for work. Well it’s not really work, it’s mainly re-familiarizing myself with Excel. I’ve got working knowledge of the program but with these new reports that I’m supposed to manage for work, well, they are pushing beyond the limits of my knowledge. I was planning to go over it today but I’m finding that just relaxing on my day off is so much more preferable.

I’m out at work but not 100%. There are people that know but, surprisingly, word has not spread around. So when K.W. popped her head up over the cubicle on Friday and said, “You like guys?” I was startled. It was so unexpected and the tone of her voice was odd, that all I could manage was, “Yeah…” Well C.W. and K.P. heard that and immediately said, “WHAT?!”

There. I was outed.

I was curious as to how K.W. found out. I never talked to her about it. I mean it’s not like I have something to talk about—my life is that boring. But there I was surrounded by three women who wanted to know if I was really gay. Why anyone would have interest in a non-practicing homo, I’ll never know.

“Be careful about who you tell,” C.W. warned, “you’re going to have a bunch of guys hitting on you.”

Ha. If they were interested, they would have made a move by now.


oscar said...

Might be good! Might make that 'non-' fall away! Breakin' boundaries, good for you!

David said...

Perhaps. I would hope so.