Sunday, September 16, 2007

One loser was bound win.

It's like one in the morning and I'm up from a six hour nap. Yikes, I didn't know I was that tired. I've been up doing stuff since five in the morning and had been prepping for the until 11 the previous night so I guess, it's not terribly surprising. You see, today (actually, yesterday) was the Michigan-Notre Dame game which is a big deal around these parts. Notre Dame is only minutes away but you know how die-hard many Michiganders are about UofM. I took off early from work. I justified it saying that working on the weekend is optional anyways.

I got there to see the last quarter of the Michigan State-Pittsburgh game. What a butt clincher that was. State has the problem of being a really good team--until they decide to fuck it up towards the end. Pittsburgh had a few minutes at the end to make a touchdown and squeak out a victory and I almost lost my cookies the couple times a long pass was successfully thrown. But State managed to come out on top, 17-13.

Now for Michigan and Notre Dame which were both coming into today's game with 0-2 records. When asked, I predicted that Michigan was going to win. I didn't realize they were going to fuck them up. 38-0. Out of the whole crowd, only Carrie and I were cheering for Notre Dame. (Well, this was before the game started. They didn't give us much to cheer about once it did.) But the house was rockin' by fans desperate for a win. Poor Linus (Erin's cat) was so stressed out. When the fourth quarter rolled around, I decided to call it quits. It wasn't even a game anymore. Plus, I was tired and I wanted to get a nap in just in case we were going out that night. Ed was supposed to give me a call if they did but he didn't. By the looks of it, we all weren't really keen on going out anyways. Not with two cases of beer and like 50 jello shots to take care of first.

BTW, cherry jello made with cherry vodka makes me want to vomit. The shit smells like medicine.

Ohio State won over Washington.

When did Wisconsin become bad asses? That snucked up on me.

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