Wednesday, September 26, 2007

David Unedited

Well here's my first (and maybe my last) vidcast. Please be "um" gentle when you leave comments :)


Luke said...

Pretty cool. :) Love the Trek references.. lol

Kapitano said...

So that's what you sound like. Because I'm British, the voice in my head when I read your writing has a British accent - just like this comment probably has a Michigan accent when you read it.

Thanks for the language lesson. After ten minutes reading about Tagalog/Filipino grammar, it looks fascinating.

Another cast sometime? Maybe a regular thing.

I think you'd be a Klingon in the Star Trek mirror universe. Speaking Qlingan-Hol.

David said...

@Luke: Thanks :)


"Another cast sometime? Maybe a regular thing."

I think I just peed a little.

That's not my true voice and accent. I had to muffle it up a bit because I'm really in the witness protection program. I'm really twenty pound lighter too. (The picture camera was facing in my direction too.)

Minge said...

I loved this. Happy Blogiversary!

I think in an alternative universe, you're just as fabulous as you are in this one.

Oh, and you act and sound just as I imagined.

You should definitely do this again. Would you make it a regular thing?

Kristel said...

it's a little blurry, but you can still see your dimples! ^_^

Moncrief Speaks said...

That was very sweet and earnest and interesting. I think you will make some guy a wonderful husband one day!

David said...

^Awww, thanks Moncrief. :)