Saturday, August 04, 2007

St. Joe's Serpents

After putting in some overtime at work this morning, I headed into Niles to attend River Fest. I had heard that the last Dragon Boat Race was going to occur soon after I got there. I also heard that it was going to be the Whatever Floats Race so I was sure what I'd end up watching. Turns out it was the dragons. The guy I stood next to said it was the last race. The match up was the Reds against the Greens. Apparently, the Greens had to beat the Reds by two seconds if they were to win... whatever it is they win.
Sorry for the low quality. That's what happens when you forget to bring a camera. But thankfully some smart people decided to make cell phones that serve in pinch. :-)

I was a little surprised to see that a number of the rowers were members at the Y. I wondered if the Y sponsored a team but then I saw members on both boats. Small community probably.

Up the river, it looked like Red was going to row themselves into the western bank. It almost cost them as Green started to overtake.

But in the end, Red still pulled it off.

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