Sunday, August 19, 2007

Look what's in St. Joe.

I took a drive up to Saint Joseph to see a replica of the Niña. You may remember the Niña from history as she was part of the fleet that Christopher Columbus led to the New World.I was a little surprised to see how small this boat was (vessels such as ships are called boats when on the Great Lakes). In my mind, I had imagined it to be well... brown first of all and also three times larger at least. It amazes me how men could muster the courage to sail across the ocean in such a vessel. Hell, I'm not even comfortable with the idea of a voyage on modern naval vessels. Still, she looks very beautiful and has made me thinking about a trip to see the USS Constitution.


Leo Carioca said...

Well, I think the people who lived in the 1400s and 1500s and were able to cross the Atlantic on such ships were at least very courageous.

David said...

Could you imagine being stuck on something like that for months? I'd be stuck with cabin fever (Muppet Treasure Island version) within a few days.