Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Last Minute Shopping & Wrapping

It has been a somewhat stressful morning as I have been running around looking for gifts at the last minute. I needed to get my mom a couple more things. I went to Target to see if they had any Bazinga shirts since my dad has recently become a big Big Bang Theory fan. I also had to find something for my brother in law whose likes and tastes are I am totally clueless on.

I never would have thought it but Barnes & Noble turned out to be the best place to get stuff.  I would have liked to got more but I was already past budget and Sailor Moon and Dragonball Z action figures were just a bit too expensive.  I'll definitely keep that place in mind for next year.

I'm not much of a wrapper but I don't think that I did so bad this year, even with the fancy ribbon. Still, all that you see here took me about an hour and a half.  Lots of paper and tape were sacrificed.  So much effort to be undone in seconds.  Now they are all done and are set to go.  I am somewhat excited for tomorrow.  I miss my younger self that couldn't even sleep on Christmas Eve.  That kid would probably shake his head if he knew that I am planning to sleep in.  I'll head to Mom and Dad's around 10 AM.

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