Thursday, July 04, 2013

That Was a Dud

Right now, I should be up in St. Joe waiting for their fireworks to begin but I'm not.  I'm at home and it's not like I am entirely surprised.

Kevin called me up earlier today and asked if I would like to go see some fireworks tonight since he had the day off of work.  I was amenable as I had no plans for the day except to take care of a big pile of dishes that needed to be washed.  However, I chose not get my hopes up so to say.  I've learned from experience that planning things with friends is a lot easier said than done.

So I agreed to go and pick him up at 8PM and just as I'm driving down the road my apartment is on, I get a message from him that says that he was called in to work.  Swell.  So I drove on a bit more, bought a pop and went right back home.

I'm not even mad.  It's just that I spend most of my days either alone or with coworkers.  Being social with friends in almost any capacity is like a freakin' luxury so I'm a little disappointed when the opportunity for it is missed.

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