Wednesday, December 05, 2012

The leak in my wallet.

This has been a bad couple of days financially. I let slip one of my problems on facebook and decided that it probably wasn't the best idea to rant about it where coworkers could see.  Then this morning I was walking to my car to get to work when I saw that I had another flat tire.

A couple of months ago, I got a flat tire and I found a screw embedded in the tire.  I took the tire off, put on the donut, and headed for the shop where it was plugged.  I hadn't really noticed until my friend Kraig pointed it out, but my car had a sort of reverberation due to the plug.  As time has gone by, the sound and vibrations have really begun to irritate me.

When I saw the flat this morning I got into a very bad mood.  I'm talking about using some physical violence. By the time I had gotten to the shop I had calmed down a bit but I really wasn't in any mood to be sociable or be bothered in anyway.  Since it was the second tire to go flat, I just asked that the flat and the plugged tire be replaced.  I had a couple hundred available for Christmas presents this year.  I'm once again back to square one.

I've joked about it before but the cars I own--I swear they can smell when I've got extra cash because as soon as I do...

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