Saturday, December 15, 2012

Regarding the CT Shootings

I’m against the death penalty but when these shootings happen, like the recent one in Connecticut, I always reconsider that position. It’s ridiculous that I would wish that this Lanza guy to be resurrected only to put him on trial, found guilty, and then executed.

On the various websites that I visit, there has been a lot of chatter about gun control. It doesn't surprise me as it always happens. It doesn't interest me to get drawn into a conversation on that but there was a clip that saw posted from Bryan Fischer that really infuriated me:

I know better than to listen to this guy are read his tweets, but the douchebaggery and insanity that spews out from this guy is hard to ignore. He’s actually blocked me on twitter. He’s the only one to do so because I get so riled up by his anti-gay rhetoric that I have to respond.

My heart really goes out to the families and everyone that is touched with grief. It’s always and especially horrible when little children are the victims. I wouldn't dare think that the anguish approaches to what it must be for a parent to lose their child and in such a manner.

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