Saturday, October 06, 2012

I Wish I was Taken Away

My friend, Kraig, and I saw Taken 2 this morning. Considering how much I like the first film I had high expectations. Alas, like so many sequels, this was a stinker. There were no memorable lines. The flow of the movie was disrupted by having a segment with Bryan and his daughter and then another following with Bryan and his ex-wife. Also, the antagonist and his goons seemed to be pretty weak. They knew they were dealing with a badass and it looked like they were trying to muddle through the operation. It’s no wonder they got mowed down.

My tweaks:

  • The Albanians already knew where Bryan was in Los Angeles.
  • They would have taken his daughter and wife.
  • They would have killed his wife causing him to go bat shit crazy and give him more reason to kill with such zeal.

 My advice: save your money. Just forget that it exists and be content with the first movie.

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