Saturday, July 09, 2011

I’m back! (Again)

Ever since I took my vacation, I have been swamped at work. The usual end of the month stuff plus I’ve been covering for other people that have been out. Thankfully it should start getting back to normal mid-week.

So what’s been happening:

My friend Sara has given birth to her second child so congrats to her.

Kraig, my new-found movie buddy, and I saw the new Transformers movie. I thought it was okay. He, apparently, likes it well enough to want to go to a second viewing. One thing that I did enjoy was the movie including the voice talent of Leonard Nimoy and chuckled at the use of one of his famous lines from Star Trek.

The Green Lantern is merely okay as well. I think that they did well on the actor and the look but the story was pretty horrible especially when it came to the villains.

It sounds horrible, but I have been amused by people’s reactions to the Casey Anthony verdict. I can understand why many were upset over the verdict but I have been surprised at how hysterical a few have gotten. From the sound of it, if they knew they could get away with it, they would drive down to Florida and administer the lethal doses themselves. Do I believe that she is guilty but I’m not willing to throw the jury under the bus for their verdicts.

I’m a bit confused about the phone hacking scandal that is happening in the UK, or specifically at the News of the World. In my mind it appears to be portrayed as an immoral act rather than being blatantly illegal. I dunno, maybe the UK doesn’t have strong laws in this area but I’m too lazy right now to research them.

Oak Park, Michigan has ticketed a family for planting a garden in their front yard. Apparently, a garden does not meet the town’s ordinance of “suitable” plant material. *rolls eyes* The family has refused to pay the fine and are being taken to court. I sincerely hope they win because I rather admire people who can make productive use of their property. You can eat out of a garden. Unless you’re a sheep, you can’t eat a lawn.

I’ve joined Google+ but unless the rest of my friends and family join too, it’s going to be just as useful as Google Wave and Google Latitude have been. That is, not at all.


Kronsteen said...
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Kapitano said...

News of the World. In my mind it appears to be portrayed as an immoral act rather than being blatantly illegal.

For our newspapers, illegal is boring. Immoral on the other hand is endlessly fascinating.

Story about a man who cheats on his wife: Meh.

Story about a man who cheats on his wife while she's in a coma, with a nurse at the hospital: Lots of hypocritical tutting and prurience.