Saturday, May 14, 2011

Friday the 13th – A Bad Day for TV

I got news on the 13th that a number of televisions shows had been axed. Three of them are shows that I am sorry to see go. Scratch that. I’m upset.

I am really upset that V was cancelled, the last episode left everything pretty damn bleak. The two of the main characters ended up dead and the humans were falling under the control of Visitors. It’s not really a surprise that V was cancelled. It was a high cost show with mediocre ratings. Honestly, though, I think that it is the network, ABC, contributed to this program’s problems. The seasons were short, spaced too far apart, and scheduled broadcast times were shifted. All of those things do not help keep an audience, much less build one.

Brothers & Sisters were another casualty of ABC’s axe. It was a bit of a surprise because I had already read an article that said that ABC was renewing it for a final season. This final season would have the episode count slashed as well as the story time regarding the character of Kitty Walker. I have had declining interest in this show and even vowed to quit watching it early in the season when one of my beloved characters left the show. Still, I kept with it and in a way, I can accept the season series finale as good farewell to the show.

Sill, screw you ABC. I’m still mad about Eli Stone.

NBC decided that it didn’t want Outsourced around anymore. I know that there were a number of people that did not find this show funny. Some actually said it was racist. Personally, I found it funny even though I could tell that it was trying to find its footing. My only criticism over the season was when the Indian love interest of the main character seemed to be sidelined. I have a suspicion, though, that had Outsourced been renewed, we would have been seeing a lot more of her.


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