Friday, March 25, 2011

I'm Trippin'

My friend Season has twisted my arm and so here I am with another post. It's about damn time right? I haven't been in a blogging mood lately. I should have been since there have been a number of events to write about.

First is that the company that I work for has been sold to a larger competitor. That has made a nervous wreck. The positive is that the new owner is committed to growth and the previous owner had made provisions that would guarantee operations for a number of years here. My main worry is the integrations process when they are going to go over ops personnel. Part of what they are going to do is identify redundant roles, and review our pay scales to make sure they are in line with theirs. My position was specially created to serve the company Ops Manager and I earn slightly more than my contemporaries (which there are six of us). So I'm freaking out that I may be a nice target for a cut.

The day after we were told of the sale, I took the acquisition letter that we were all given and headed for Verizon to see if I could get a discount. It turns out that I could get a 14% discount.

With my car on its last legs, I also checked to see if we could get a discount through any of the automobile companies that does business with the new owners. I got a very small one through Ford for the car that I have been eying for the past couple months-- the Fiesta. I made a stomach churning decision to combine my yearly bonus and tax refund and make a down payment and so now I have a new (yes, new) car.

It's a base model and the only thing that I miss is the speed control. It's stupid that they don't offer this a singular option. I didn't want to pay thousands more just to get that plus other features that I don't really care for. Other than that slightly bitter fact, I do like the car. Mostly, I'm happy that I'm going from a car that got 25 mpg highway to this one which approaches 40.

Although I can fit the car into my monthly budget it leaves me very little in discretionary funds--like less than $150 per month. So I am now on the search for a second part time job...or a new full time one. Although, I kinda want to know what opportunities may be available with this new company that has given me quite a ride lately.


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Go to law school! You are brilliant and would make an awesome lawyer