Friday, February 25, 2011

It took me a few days but...

Earlier this week, with my workload being light, I helped the inventory control team with a new project. Without giving too much of my work info away, I’m basically scouring three warehouses, finding product and weighing them. I’m not too sure what this is about, I think it has something to do with international shipments and dealing with customs requirements. Anyways, I was sneezing and having a runny nose. It was gross and this seemed like a classic allergy attack. Trouble is, is that it still freakin’ freezing around here. Turns out I’ve caught the cold. Yay me.

I’m just slightly bummed as I had a dinner planned for this weekend. Also, my friend Season will be flying in from Florida tomorrow. I’m eager to see her again but I probably should let this cold run its course before I try to put together a mini-reunion.

Oh and if anyone is interested, Kevin and I saw “I Am Number Four.” I didn’t know much about it before going in other than that Glee gal was in it. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it had aliens in it but you know, I’m a geek like that. It was pretty decent. Not a spectacular movie but enjoyable. They better make a damn sequel, that’s for sure.


Stacey said...

were they creepy aliens or did they look like people? I can handle the ones that look like people but not like "signs" that is seriously the scariest movie EVER

David said...

Nah, they weren't creepy aliens. Kinda like how the vampires in Twilight weren't scary.

...err... Not that I watched those movies.