Tuesday, August 03, 2010

I Will Have My Say. At the Ballot Box If Needed.

I voted in today's primary. I have mentioned in the past--I do not vote in primaries but I thought that I should make this one an exception. My congressman, Fred Upton, is up against Jack Hoogendyk. Mr. Hoogendyk was a member of the Michigan House of Representatives and whose last run at an office was for Carl Levin's seat in the US Senate. Based on the campaign signs, Hoogendyk appears to have support of the party in this area. I have seen very few signs up for Upton.

I have been satisfied with Congressman Upton's work in representing MI-6. And as far as I could tell up until now, he had solid support of his constituents. But I think that the anti-incumbency and tea party movements may cast doubt on whether he will be seated again come January. Indeed, Mr. Hoogendyk supporters have labeled Upton a RINO and "water-downed Democrat." While I wouldn't call Congressman Upton a right winger, I wouldn't say he's a RINO either as he has supported many republican plans in congress, some of which that I am actually against such as the constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. So if this gentleman to the right of me is a RINO, do I really have to ask what that makes me?

If the Republican party is going to creep further to the right, I don't really have a problem voting for the Democrats and I have already cast votes to prove that but I did vote today and I voted on the Republican ballot. I voted for the republicans that I felt best represented my interests. I intend to stay in this big tent and if my vote in a primary can help it from getting smaller, then I'm gonna do it.

As I make my way out from the "50%" column and into the "plus one," I'm not sure I'm gonna be able to shake my bitterness when the righties and yes--the lefties come looking for my vote.

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