Thursday, February 18, 2010

Rumor: Former Coworker Takes Plea

I could have sworn I blogged about him earlier this year but one of my coworkers got involved in an incident where a man was shot dead. The coworker was named as the "mastermind." He was charged with murder. After a brutal double homicide that occurred in my hometown not to long ago, it reminded me of him and I asked if anyone had heard anything about his case. The only thing I was able to find out is that he has agreed to a plea deal. He'll plead guilty and testify against the actual shooter. In exchange, he will get 10 years. Who knows if that will get cut even further for good behavior. While I certainly think that he doesn't deserve the death penalty or even life in prison, I think ten years is not enough time--especially if he really was the person that set this whole thing into motion.

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