Tuesday, September 08, 2009

It's Nearly 1 A.M. and Here Am I Hitching a Ride

Not really, but I'd want to do anything else other than lying here trying to get to sleep. I really should consider buying some over-the-counter sleep aides but usually I'm a quick sleeper. If I am in my own bed, I'm out within fifteen minutes if not sooner. This is just one of those nights.

So what do you do to help you fall asleep?

I usually go with the warm milk. Borrowing a page from Dr. Crusher, I put a dash of nutmeg in it. That's the only thing that has helped but it's not a guarantee. If the milk doesn't work, I usually have to wait it out. I've tried the whole counting sheep, becomes ridiculous. My overactive imagination usually has something bad being done to the sheep as they leap over the fence to their individual fates.


This what I've been sleeping to lately:



Kapitano said...

I find it hard to get to sleep in silence. Wind or rain outside actually help.

Sometimes I put on talk radio quietly in the background. Just a constant burbling drone that kind of flows around in my mind.

There are some bands (like Sleep Research Facility) who make music specifically for going to sleep to.

Kapitano said...

PS. It didn't work tonight. It's 0715 and I haven't slept yet. Time for breakfast.

David said...

There's plenty of ambient noise. I find it hard to sleep in complete silence too.

john said...

I many nights have a hard time falling asleep. Too many thoughts run rampant in my mind.

Kristel said...

I need utter silence. I couldn't sleep if the crickets and/or frogs were too loud. Now, I have college students hanging out literally right outside my bedroom door in the little lobby area. Thank God for ear plugs.

I do miss this sound though; sounds of home.

David said...

^Awww. Bookmark this post so when your feeling nostalgic, you can come back to it.