Saturday, July 25, 2009

I hated it so much, I bought it.

Talk about one helluva impulse buy! I was shopping/browsing at Meijer when I noticed that their stock of Star Trek toys was on clearance--50% off! I picked up this model/toy of the Enterprise for $15. I couldn’t resist. It seems odd that I am excited because I did not initially like the new version of the Enterprise. Since seeing the movie, it has grown on me. I thought about getting the store’s last phaser for $8 but I was able to hold off on that. (Granted, it took me walking half the length of the store before coming to that decision.)

The model toy is fairly decent. I must commend Playmates for doing for a good job replicating the onscreen version as they usually tend to be hit and miss. The stand is pretty nifty, it’s a ball and socket so the owner can pose the ship in a number of ways. The ship also lights up. My only real complaint are the sounds it makes. They are audio clips of primarily movie dialogue. Personally, I would rather hear sound effects from the ship such as going to warp, phasers, and photon torpedoes. No biggie since I loose interest in that kind of thing early on anyways. I just like to have this thing on display...and occasionally play with it. Believe me, I'll make up my own sound effects when I do.

I’m 27 and I’m still buying these damn toys!


Anonymous said...

You're not alone in your love of toys - I was playing with my remote control Dalek earlier tonight.


David said...

Nice. Do you do your own sound effects too?

Anonymous said...

Er... I have been known to chant "Exterminate" from time to time.

I also have a talking Dalek. The bad thing is I occassionaly talk back to it. I need professional help. :-)


Laurie said...

Jed made a list of all of the transformers that he "needs." I shouldn't complain since several of his toys are now worth a little bit of cash.