Monday, April 20, 2009

Don't Forget the Good.

2009 has not started off well for many people I know. Maybe there is some kind of cosmic conspiracy going on? It's so easy for me to get into a funk and with all that has been happening, I'm hanging by my nails trying to stay positive.

Tomorrow I'm going to see Noah, Erin's new baby boy. Noah is probably the bright spot of these last few months. As long as I can look and not touch we'll be alright. Many of you readers are probably aware that I'm afraid of babies. It's pretty much like a bull in a china shop kind of fears. It's been over two years and I haven't even picked up Ethan, a kid of another friend. But really, I love to look at babies. To me they are like little miracles. They are new to the world and for brief moments while I am with them, it's like I am new to the world too.

Oh I do hope that kid is asleep when I get there!


TardisGirl said...

Yeah, babies are great (as long as they belong to someone else and I don't have to hold them).

Sadly, they grow up and aquire all sorts of annoying traits.

David said...

^I think, though, that if I had one of my own, I'd be a very clingy parent.