Thursday, November 13, 2008

From Planes to Cars to Boats

After dropping off my shtuff at the apartment, Stacey and I went to one of the malls. It probably wasn’t but to a country bumpkin like me, it was pretty glitzy. It was an open air mall with wondrous stalls like Bose, Tiffany, and even [gasp] an Apple Store. But I didn’t make a trip out there to shop. No, that’s just silly. I came, in part, to eat!

Back here where I live in Michigan, there’s a curious product in the freezer section of the supermarkets. Pizza. There are these novel pizzas with weird toppings that are made by the California Pizza Kitchen. Well I wanted the real deal and so Stacey and I went to the restaurant where we had a delicious pizza topped with steak, some green gunk, and diced tomatoes. Seriously, great stuff… try it out.

Kraig was still at work so we also made it down to the bay where we visited the maritime museum where had exactly two hours to get our sightseeing in.

The first ship that we visited was the Surprise which was the ship used in the movie, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World. Like Stacey had mentioned, I really would have climbed up that rigging if I could have.

Next up was the Russian Sub. It was the most interesting out of all the naval vessels that we went on. I’d say it was the most interactive of them all as you could play with various bits of it. Some damn tourists were hogging the best part which was the periscope. Seriously, no one is going to watch your homemade movie to see what it’s like to look through a periscope for ten minutes.

Also along the way, we stopped on a gorgeous old fashioned ferry. The stained glass in the passenger deck was amazing. Bonus: historical actors acting like Brits trying to teach naval operations to kids. Apparently, if you speak with a British accent, people will think you know all about the sea.

If I could have, I would have rowed a boat all the way to the USS Nimitz in order to see it. As you can see, it is in port. I took some time just to imagine what it would be like to walk through the decks. Just amazing.

Just before our two hours were up, we took a short walk to get a glance at the USS Midway.

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Stacey said...

yah.... who wants to see a picture of what it looks like to look through a periscope... when they went through their pictures later- they probably didn't even recognize the picture.. then again how would I know? i didnt get to look through the periscope, stupid tourists...