Sunday, October 23, 2016

Grandpa Should Be Here

When I was a kid, I would spend summers at my grandparents' farm in Benton Harbor, Michigan. When we would go in from the fields, the TV was the only source of entertainment. My grandma would watch her soaps. My uncle would watch the news. My grandpa--he would watch the Cubs.

I never really understood why he was a fan of the Chicago Cubs. They were a mediocre team. Their wins and losses seemed to be bad for his heart. I found the game to be boring to watch--a real snooze fest.

Last night, the Chicago Cubs won the National League Championship Series. From what I understand, it is a feat that has not happened since 1945. The move on now to face the American League Champions-the Cleveland Indians in the World Series. The Cubs have not won that since 1908.

The buzz around here is a electric--at least on facebook. A lot of my friends that are into sports are talking about it. Even some that don't really care but live in or around Chicago are getting into the mood. I wish my grandpa was here to experience it.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


The final debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump has wrapped up. That is, if you can call them debates.
This is the first election cycle where I have watched every single Presidential Debate. In the past I had always made a decision on who I was going to vote for before the debates occurred. This time, however, I wanted to see the interaction between the two candidates. In particular, I wanted to see Donald Trump put under pressure to see how he would react. Based on his past behavior and how insulated he is on the campaign trail, I didn't think he would react well. I think it is safe to say that I was right.

Hillary Clinton and her team have not only prepared well for the issues in these debates, she prepared for her opponent. What I mean by that is that she was able to figure out Donald Trump's weakness and exploit them. Everyone knew that she was the erudite candidate and that wasn't going to be enough to win a debate. Clinton knew that what worries people about Donald Trump was his temperament. If she could trip him up, Trump would show that not only didn't he have a grasp of the issues but that he didn't have the traits needed for the office. In all the debates, Trump started off well but Clinton would start getting under his skin and by the last half hour was rolling around, he was unhinged.

One thing of note about this third and last debate, the moderator, Chris Wallace, did a great job in bringing up great questions and this one probably had the most substance. I wish the previous two had more substance and I wish there were additional topics that were covered. There wasn't much on LGBT rights, climate change, infrastructure, the South China Sea dispute, and public education.

Saturday, October 08, 2016

Not Broken Up for Breaking Up

I recently ended a “relationship” with a guy named Kurt. I put that in quotes because I don’t know exactly what we were. I started seeing him about a month and a half ago. Against my better judgement, I went to Las Vegas with him and I think that it said something to him that we were doing more than just causal dating. 

Kurt is a good guy and on paper, he ticks off a lot of things that I want in a guy. The thing was that there was nothing clicking for me other than a physical attraction. I was more than willing to continue dating for a little while longer but in the end he brought us to impasse and I had to decide whether or not to commit to him or leave. He was asking for something that I wasn’t ready for.

So the hunt goes on.

Saturday, October 01, 2016

Taking a Gamble

I have been seeing a guy for a few weeks and he offered to take me to Las Vegas. Hotel and food were covered as he had a comp package. All I had to do was pick up the flights, transports, and misc expenses.  Sure it was a crazy decision but things were going well and I couldn't pass up this kind of opportunity, right?
We stayed at the Fremont Hotel in downtown Las Vegas. Of course it's not as fancy as the mega hotels on the strip and at first I didn't like it. However, the more I stayed, the more I began to like the grittier Las Vegas over the polished one.
The guy that I was with spent a lot of time gambling. I'm not a gambler. Watching a machine eat my money roils my blood so I spent a lot of my time walking around taking in the sights.
Sometimes I was a little disappointed. For example, this time I thought I was going to a park and it turned out to be a mall.
I didn't get to spend as much time touring the strip as I did. One of the highlights, though, was going to the Luxor to see a Bodies exhibit. Unfortunately, photography was prohibited. The best part of this whole trip was when I left Las Vegas:
Hoover Dam
South Rim
Going on a trip with someone I knew for so little time was a chance. The trip had it's pluses and minuses and I would have to say that I would not have done it if I knew then what I know now. Still, on adventures like these, I can still take and cherish the memories and experiences I did have.

Monday, September 19, 2016

My Bridget Moment

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I was supposed to go see a movie with my friend Kevin but it looks like I was blown off. Well I had been eager to go do something all day and I wasn't going to let the fact that I was alone stop me from having a good time.

As I have mentioned before, I am a fan of the movie, Bridget Jones's Diary. I identify with her in many ways. Largely the fact that I am over thirty and still single. So I thought that it was appropriate that I change the movie choice to the latest installment of the series, Bridget Jones's Baby.  Little did I realize that I was be identifying with her just a little too much this evening.

So I go to the theater thinking that if I get there late, I can slip into the crowd unnoticed. Nothing like a bunch of couples looking at a singleton with pity. I get up to the ticket counter and the guy there asks me which seat I would like. All the greens were available to choose. --They were all green.


Well, I am here already.

I go into the empty theater and pick my seat. It seemed like ages but finally I hear the door to the room open and I hear a couple of voices. I breathed a little sigh of relief. I wasn't going to be alone.

Then nothing. A few more minutes to go before the movie starts and no more people have come in. As slyly as I could, I looked back and made out one couple in the back row. In the entire theater, it was me and a couple.

I sink lower into my seat.

So the movie starts and gets on. --Great by the way. Go see it.--- Finally, the credits come up. I hope that the couple gets up to go and so I wait a few moments. I don't hear the doors open. They were going to sit through the credits. I knew that I was going to have to walk past them in order to get out. Well I've already suffered enough what's a little more right? I walk past them, give them a little nod, and zoom, I'm outta there.

I start walking for the exit and put my hand in my pocket to bring out my keys. They're not there. I freeze. Crap! They must've fallen out of my pocket while I was watching the movie. I had two choices, I could either go back and pass the couple again or pretend to go to the bathroom and go back when they left. Yes! Let's do option B. I head for the bathroom when a worker comes out with a bag of trash. Another starts sweeping the hallway.

That's it. Plan B is shit. I had to go back.

I go back in, pass the couple, get to my seat and feel around. No keys. I grimace at the thought, but I put my hands deeper into the crevices. Nothing. Could they have fallen through to the ground? More horror as I reach down there and feel around, bumping into popcorn and who knows what else. Still no keys. I bring out my phone and use it as a flash light. Still no keys.

By now I am in a near panic. If I don't have keys, I am going to have to call someone to pick me up, bring me to my parents where they have a spare, and then bring me back. And I'm sure that the couple--who still have not left--are watching this with amusement.

On my left, I catch a glint of metal and with some relief, I found my keys. I pop my head up and the couple is looking right at me. I walk past them again, give them a little nod again, and zoom, I'm outta there. Not before that same worker from the bathroom says, "have a good night."

I awkwardly smile and nod to the guy and continued to walk on forward--because that's what Bridget would do.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

It Was a Fair Day

Family at Fil-Am picnic.
My sister came over from Ann Arbor to spend a day at the county fair. Although I had planned to be at the fair earlier this week, a gout attack in my knee kept me from going. It has been raining this week which has impacted the fair. With more rain in the forecast starting around noon, we decided to go early. When we got there, it was muddy and the place was free from the crowds as it was just opening.

I go to the fair for food. This year's selection included some good, if small, tacos from El Amigo Pepe, and elephant year, and a mozzarella dog. A huge disappointment was a pork stick which was dry and did not taste good. It was given to Charlie, our mom's dog.

Kris had agreed to go to a Fil-Am picnic with mom and dad. I was volunteered to come along as well. The food was okay. As usual, I was a fan of the pancit. Oddly enough, there was no lumpia. I was introduced to some nice people but I'm afraid that I won't commit their names or faces to memory. Being surrounded by strangers was awkward for me so I used a lull in the rain as an opportunity to go Pokemon hunting. After that, Kris and I decided to head back to the fair once more.

Later on, at my suggestion, we decided to go to the movie, Sausage Party. The showing that we wanted was sold out so we headed to a Vietnamese restaurant for some pho. I've never had real pho before and here was an opportunity to go try it. Kris was up for it. That stuff is delicious, let me tell you. I would definitely go there again.

Sausage Party as about as nasty and as funny as I expected from Seth Rogen. I would feel compelled to smack the shit out of any parent that brought their kid to such a movie.

h/t Sony Pictures Entertainment

It was a great day.